The Solution

The good news is that we know how to address the issue of low literacy levels.

Quality literacy education, accessible to all, is the solution. Increasing high school completion rates is the basic foundation from which to build literacy. Continuous lifelong learning ensures that skills are maintained and new ones acquired. Investment in human potential gives real-life payback for everyone.

Building awareness about the importance and consequent benefits of increased literacy is key. Research shows that giving people quality learning opportunities to develop, enhance, and sustain literary skills will result in more people living fully engaged and healthy lives.

How you can help

  1. Spread the word. Connect with friends, family, and coworkers about literacy issues and how increased literacy rates generate positive outcomes for everyone.
  2. Contact your Alberta MLA. Encourage your MLA to bring the issue of literacy to the forefront. Refer to Living Literacy: A Literacy Framework for Alberta’s Next Generation Economy, Government of Alberta.
  3. Donate to the Edmonton Literacy Coalition. We work to raise awareness about the importance of lifelong literacy. We are currently accepting donations through The Learning Centre Literacy Association, one of our coalition members. Please click the donation button and indicate “Edmonton Literacy Coalition” in the message/instructions field.

  1. Volunteer with the Edmonton Literacy Coalition. Enter your contact information using our volunteer contact form and one of our coalition partners will contact you with upcoming volunteer opportunities.

TheĀ Edmonton Literacy Coalition

The Edmonton Literacy Coalition is a group of organizations working together to raise awareness of literacy issues in our community. Each member organization knows the impact literacy levels have on the ability of citizens to lead fully engaged and healthy lives.

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